Coconut Grove Regency Hotel is more than just a stunning hotel; it’s a symbol of the Ghanaian culture and modern architecture, it is proudly designed with locally produced materials.
Discover the ultimate hotel that postulates an unparallel feeling and an experience of a personalized paradise away from home.

The building has a unique layout and its façade is inspired by a traditional courtyard with its Renaissance-style of moulded bricks. It has beautifully planted and well trimmed plants and hedges that give a remarkable view of nature. Taking a stroll in the hotel in itself is pleasing, call it a peaceful haven; you find complete tranquility.

Take a deep breath and inhale the fragrance from flowers and plants that permeates the air through the hotel.

Luxury Living

The rooms and suites give a first-hand experience; they are spacious with beautifully appointed lights and artifacts. The hotel has 26 rooms and 9 ample meeting and conference facilities to ensure productivity and relaxation for your business. The nature and design of the rooms with sculptures, wood carvings and dazzling paintings from artistic Ghanaians send a warm message of the country’s unequaled hospitality.

In addition, the management team of the hotel works closely with the restaurant to develop flexible and unique food and beverage solutions to provide guests with an exceptional experience. Coconut Grove Regency Hotel’s service quality is their exceptional feature which is not prevalent among its competitors.

The service within the hotel a time spent is so extraordinary. Spend a memorable holiday with Coconut Grove Regency Hotel and enjoy wide privileges

Support for local business

In addition, Coconut Grove Hotel is branded for the use of locally grown rice and reared chicken for their lip smacking dishes for the past 10 years. It has highly encouraged the consumption of made in Ghana goods.

Most parts of the hotel property are made from wood, bricks and locally produced construction materials. Coconut Grove’s value for Ghanaian made products is beyond compare. It is amazing how the hotel has exclusive packages and experiences worth repeating for its guests and ambitions for the nation as well. Having seen the potential in the Ghanaian made products, it has embarked on a selfless journey to encourage our local producers to put in more effort to produce to standard and on a large scale. The rippling effect has gone a long way to offer job opportunities, generated more revenue and strengthened the economy.

Ghana’s hotel industry

The hotel industry in Ghana is growing with each year passing by; slowly and progressively it has evolved and taken a different face. Hotels are no longer viewed as a just a place to stay. The contemporary nature of hotels has expanded beyond the breadth of the core essentials of hotel management, excellent facilities, customer satisfaction and overall hotel performance.

Technology has had a huge impact on the cash flows of hotels, not to talk about customer satisfaction which is now the hallmark of every hotel and has translated into developing the soft skills of front desk and sales personnel. With increasing demand and diverse generation of travelers trooping into the market, the world of the hotel industry has changed. All sort of accommodation are provided to match the preferences of guest. It is no longer about checking-in guest and giving them a restful place.

Hotels are competing fiercely to gain a foothold in the industry. Most of the hotels offer very attractive packages and services such as complimentary breakfast, continental dishes, buffers, and entertaining activities such happy hours on set days, conference rooms for business meetings, laundry and cleaning services, amongst others. Some hotels have taken it upon themselves to make huge investment in the designing of their edifice to give an unprecedented feeling and experience which is a perquisite, but, there is a better way.

Competitive edge

The upsurge of competition in the hotel industry is fierce. Most hotels have prioritized service quality to gain competitive edge other their competitors. In order to still remain competitive in the industry, continuous improvement in service quality standard has become the limelight. Let’s not be too quick to judge, service quality is the best but to what degree.

Running a hotel is just like any business and like any business the first thing to think about is having a sustainable momentum. Excellent quality of service translates into customer loyalty which promotes growth and leads to sustainable business. No need to fight competitors tooth and nail for a limited or dwindling pool of customers when you can keep the same numbers coming back, and with referrals from loyal customers, you are set to increase customer base strategically.

The question then is how to attract and retain customers. The giant in the hotel industry, Coconut Grove Regency Hotels is a success story and a pro when it comes to service quality and having a sustainable approach. Consequently, it is not surprising that the hotel has won awards and is currently recognized as the best in the country.

Coconut Grove’s strategy

Coconut Grove Regency Hotel has set the benchmark in the hotel industry and has emerged as the epitome of endless design and customized experiences. It blends service quality with good customer relationship, serves it guest with passion and empathy to personalize the experience of each guest and this translates into customer retention which further leads to the growth of the hotel. The hotel has built a strong brand in the country and operates under the positioning statement “memories worth repeating”.

The memories that guest have about the Coconut Grove Regency Hotel is its amazing people skills that promotes a strong sense of belonging. Guests are assured of friendly and highly professional staff; they put a human face to their service and strive to establish long lasting relationship with their clients.

For the guest they serve, they serve with passion, empathy and a unique element of humanity. It is not just about what the guest wants but what can be done to make life comfortable and interesting. Incredibly, services are flexible and are specially tailored towards the preferences of every guest.

These heights of strategies promote long lasting memories and challenge guest to reiterate their experience. By repeating their memories, it easier to have a sustainable business and they are set to share their unique experience with others, thereby attracting more customers.
Source: Coconut Grove Regency Hotel


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